About Your Personal Chef Lekker

Who is your personal chef?

Catering chef Vancouver

My name is Wouter Schipper, I’m a Personal chef in Vancouver, and you can hire me for your events and parties.

I am from Holland, and I’ve worked as a Chef for over fifteen years. I studied Culinary Arts in Munich, Germany and had since worked in different places all around the world. My cooking style is rooted in European cuisine with some Pacific North-west coast, Indonesian, Indian, Thai and North African influences. I love singing in the kitchen, dancing in front of the stove, and I put my heart into everything I make. Oh yeah…and I’m very, very tall…

BBQ party catering or backyard party chef catering is popular in the summer
BBQ and backyard catering for the ideal summer party

What is a Catering Chef?

I am a chef that is specialized in catering, a combination of a personal chef and caterer.

As a personal chef, I cater to people at their home or event space. I am present during the event or party and cook on location. I create tailor-made menus with a flexible service.
There is where my expertise is, and that is what I love doing.

walking dinner served appetizer soup
walking dinner style service

What does Lekker mean?

Lekker can mean “delicious”, “nice”, or even “gorgeous” (That’s what I hope you’ll think of my food!).
Even though “lekker” is a universal word and can be used in almost any phrase, It is only common in the Netherlands, Belgium and South-Africa.

About our company

Chef Lekker catering is a Vancouver-based catering chef service. Since 2013, I have been creating menu’s for birthday parties, bbq’s, anniversaries, bridal showers, weddings and funerals as a full-time caterer. I offer my catering service in the greater Vancouver area, from Horseshoe Bay to Abbotsford.

Buffet chef catering menu on location
Buffet catering with your chef cooking on site. Chef Lekker is all about personalizing your experience
Caterer and personal chef vancouver
Celebrate the Moment with Chef Lekker!