1. What is a catering chef? And why this service is best for your party

Why hiring a catering chef to begin with? We all know how to party. Even if you are by yourself. But hosting a party can be quite the endeavour. Organizing guest lists, music, drinks, decoration and especially the food is time-consuming. You can however delegate tasks. Hire DJs, bartenders, servers, catering companies or event planners who will take care of certain aspects or take care of everything for you.

Introducing the catering chef

A catering chef is your personal party chef

1. What is a catering chef? And why this service is best for your party 1
From seated dinners to buffets, a catering chef can help you elevate your party

Where it is common for catering companies to offer you set menus, a catering chef offers you menu choices that can focus on your preferences and diet restrictions. It will give you more flexibility, control and ease of mind before and during your event. Find out what is included in our catering service

Catering chef vs personal chef vs private chef

They cross reference different jobs. But what are they really?

Personal chefs and private chefs are used to describe many services. In my opinion that is because of seo ranking. As a business owner myself i had to learn many aspects of running a catering company. I found out that using both personal chef and private chef in blogs and pages, gave me the opportunity to bet on different horses. These two keywords are used by many people who are looking for a chef to cater their party.

  • Most personal chefs mainly offer weekly meal services for different clients. The chef comes to your home and cooks meals for your fridge. They can also be booked for small parties offering seated course menus
  • Private chefs focus on one client where they either visit the client or live with them in staff accommodations. Private chefs also cater to the client’s parties or events. If the client permits, they can also be booked by other clients
  • A catering chef only offers his services for parties and events. They usually can cater to larger parties and different catering party styles.

How do catering chefs compare with regular catering companies?

We can summarize this in a few points

  • Catering chefs can cater to small events and private parties.
    • Ideal for groups between 8 and 100 people.
    • Specialized in in-home catering.
    • custom menu design.
    • The chef is present at your party or event.
  • Catering companies are specialized in larger events or corporate settings.
    • Great for catering on location or large venues.
    • Can offer lunch/dinner delivery deliveries to offices.
    • Event planning and other large event services are available.
    • Full rental service.

Hiring a chef for your party gives you the opportunity to enjoy the festivities knowing your guests are well fed. Instead of going to a restaurant where you have limited time, or book an event space with extra costs. Having a party at your own home gives you the comfort you are accustomed to.

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