for our restart in July:

Catering chef service covid update

In July we are thrilled to begin our catering chef services again! That said, we will stay vigilant and respect the restrictions that are in place at the time.

Read our covid-19 blog for the latest news on our catering service

How can we help each other?

Random acts of kindness go a long way!

  • Acknowledge your community. Check-in with your local businesses and see how they are holding up. See how they adapt and how you can help. Even if it is some social media attention.
  • Express your feelings. It is ok to feel sad or afraid. Talk to someone and share your thoughts.

Tips for work at home

Especially good if there is family around

  • Schedule a 10-minute break to dance around with everyone at home or your co-workers online.
  • Dress up one day a week. Ideally with everyone at home.
  • Include your family or background details in your daily staff meetings. It is a great way to connect your partner with your co-workers
  • Consider reducing your hours if that would save your co-worker’s job