Our Covid-19 policy

We believe that the safety of one person is more important than anything else, especially in these times.

To protect our clients and guests, we have cancelled all the upcoming events for March and April. We will remain at home as much as possible until the restrictions are lifted. More updates will follow.

No bookings but reservations policy

We would like to take the opportunity to highlight one of the main reasons to hire Chef Lekker for your party

We always strive to cater to your needs with custom menu design, allergy-friendly food, transparent pricing and all-inclusive service.

For events from May and onwards, we treat bookings as reservations up to one week before your party. That means we can plan your party, but you can cancel if the safety measures are still intact.

We believe that lots of people would love to celebrate the moment when the restrictions are lifted. This way you can stay ahead of that all and plan your party now.

How can we help each other?

Random acts of kindness go a long way!

  • If you know someone who works on the front lines, like nurses and grocery store employees. show them your appreciation.
  • Do not hoard. A 1-kilo pack of beans can make 12 servings of chilli. Sharing is caring
  • Acknowledge your community. Check-in with your local businesses and see how they are holding up. See how they adapt and how you can help. Even if it is some social media attention.
  • Express your feelings. It is ok to feel sad or afraid. Talk to someone and share your thoughts either by phone or stay at least at a 2-meter distance.

Tips for work at home

Especially good if there is family around

  • Schedule a 10-minute break to dance around with everyone at home or your co-workers online.
  • Dress up one day a week. Ideally with everyone at home.
  • Include your family or background details in your daily staff meetings. It is a great way to connect your partner with your co-workers
  • Consider reducing your hours if that would save your co-worker’s job