Chef Lekker Covid-19 policy

Our Covid-19 policy

We believe that the safety of one person is more important than anything else, especially in these times.

We check new guidelines and orders on a regular basis to stay up to date. This post will be updated when new information comes in. For now, these are the Guidelines we follow.

To avoid overcrowded outdoor spaces, we only offer our private chef service at a home or private garden, with a limited variety of serving styles. You can check out our full list of catering chef service styles here.

We only offer in-home catering chef service

The minimum amount of people we can offer you our personal chef service is 8 guests and a maximum of 30 people can attend the party we are catering to.

Party Safety measures and responsibilities

  • The host will be responsible for the safety of their guests.
  • We encourage everyone to bring and wear facemasks to limit any potential spread.
  • There are a limited amount of service styles available for your party. they are listed below.
  • Your personal chef would need a designated space in the kitchen to prepare the food, with adequate counter space or room for a foldable table.
  • We will wear face masks when interacting with you and your guests
  • Hand washing and surface cleaning are done on a regular basis.
  • All plates, cutlery and other serving trays are cleaned extra before and after use

Private chef Catering styles available for you

More information

You can find More information regarding parties and gatherings on this website

We always strive to cater to your needs with custom menu design, allergy-friendly food, transparent pricing and all-inclusive service.