Chef Volunteers at Flavours of Hope

Flavours of hope is a Non-profit social enterprise that introduces refugee newcomer women to social communities and networks.
They organize cooking demos, launch new products, and share culinary experiences through the events they set up.

How I got involved

I got introduced to Trixie Ling (founder of Flavours of Hope) while I had a meeting with a member of Growing Chefs, another non-profit organization I volunteer with (more about them in my next post).

Trixie was busy organizing a sample table at the Global Alliance for Banking on Values Summit 2019 hosted by Vancity.

Today I helped them in the kitchen making Venezuelan food. From Chef Maria, I learned how to make Guasacaca, a herb salsa with lime juice and avocado. (Flavours of Hope is planning to sell this salsa in stores, so look out for it!)

I also helped bake Chef Maria’s super delicious ham bread, which will be part of the sample table at the convention.

Pan de Jamón is a traditional sweet savoury bread that is made during Christmas time. It is stuffed with olives, raisins and a lot of ham. The dough is made with flour, water, butter, egg, yeast, salt and sugar.

This bread pairs very well with the Guasacaca or guacamole. It is a great and tasty appetizer. We definitely will be featuring it on our menus.

Learn more about Flavours of Hope

Flavours of hope were on the Granville island summer market last year and hope to join more farmers market in the future.
Their long term big vision is creating a test kitchen and community cafe for women entrepreneurs.
You can help achieve this goal by donating to their fundraiser event. It gives newcomer refugee women a living wage, work experience, and a growing relational network.