An in-home chef dinner party in pictures

Relax, enjoy and celebrate the moment.

Chef Lekker

What can I say, I love cooking, and I love making people happy. As an in-home chef, I create menus for smaller parties. Those are mainly four-course seated menus. four-course dinners have good service timing (not too long and not too short), and it is a complete meal. Creating menus is now a daily task for me. There are some all-time favourites, but I also like to research for new ideas and follow the seasons.

Dinner party menus

Here I would like you to introduce you to some of my most popular in-home chef dinner party dishes.


Homemade ravioli appetizer by private chef Lekker

Homemade pasta is always a favourite at a dinner party. Ravioli, in particular, is a very versatile appetizer. On our menus, you will find them stuffed with truffle ricotta or duck confit

Chef for hire dinner party appetizer

Quick-seared button scallops with roasted bacon, turmeric cauliflower and a sweet pea veloute. Spring, summer and fall, this dish is a staple. The earth tones of the bacon and cauliflower balance perfect with the lightness of the peas and scallops.

Salmon tartare four course dinner starter

Salmon tartare with homemade brioche bread. Either served as a classic french starter or influenced with Asian or Mexican flavours. The salmon tartare always have people ask for seconds.

Salad and Soup

dinner party scallop and roasted apple appetizer

Scallops are like blue jeans, they match almost everything. Here they are paired with roasted apples on a bed of arugula salad with a lemon honey vinaigrette and finished with a pinch of black salt.

Dinner party roasted vegetable salad

Balsamic roasted vegetable salad is rustic and elegant. The trick is to roast every type of vegetable individually and coat them with different seasoning. Combined, they will give the salad more depth and colour. This second course can be served cold or at room temperature. Topped with microgreens or pea shoots is the finishing touch.

An in-home chef dinner party in pictures 1

Soups at a dinner party or lunch meeting can be either served as a starter or as a second course. In this picture, we are about to serve a roasted red pepper soup with watercress and grilled cheese crostini.

seated dinner salad course

A classic salad in this picture. Arugula with balsamic glaze is paired with artichokes, semi-dried tomatoes and roasted prosciutto. This salad is great for multi-course dinner parties with a rich main course like steak.

Main course

catering chef steak menu

Most people, including me, choose their main course based on what they normally don’t cook for themselves. Beef tenderloin is therefore always a popular menu item with our private chef dinner parties. Here the steak is paired with a Gruyere cheese potato gratin, lemon honey roasted asparagus and a classic Hollandaise sauce.

Canadian sablefish dinner party main course

I love serving sablefish on a plated course menu. The buttery taste of the fish pairs well with a wide variety of cuisines, and it is native to the waters of B.C.! Here it is served with saffron risotto and mashed sweet peas with mint.

Venison as a main course dinner party

As an in-home chef, I enjoy serving game meat on menus but understand very well that it is not everybody’s taste. Here the Venison tenderloin is cut into medallions and served with a potato gratin, gravy and roasted baby carrots.


personal chef service dessert for a dinner party

Almond pear tart with banana ice cream and chocolate ganache. The pear tart is served warm with the ice cold banana ice cream. Like most of the desserts I serve as an in-home chef, I tend to make them less sweet.

Seated menu dessert with a private chef

This dessert is a small wink to a Dutch classic, the ‘tompoes‘. Vanilla custard served between two shortbread cookies and served with chocolate and fresh berries. The heart shape was from the strawberry itself and made this dessert extra lovely.

in-home chef dessert is a creme brulee with arctic rose

Creme brulees come in a wide variety of flavours. Therefore it was a definite on this list. Flavoured with Gran Marnier or Honey-Thyme, the possibilities are endless

Private chef at your place?

I hope you like the selection! If you are interested in hosting a dinner party (or lunch) at your place, I would love to send you some menu ideas. Visit our in-home chef contact page for a free quote.