What Party Catering services we offer

Celebrate the moment with Chef Lekker!

Weddings, family gatherings, staff parties, corporate events or a celebration of life. We have the right catering service for you.

More detailed information about our types of party catering services are in the links below.

Dinner party catering

Dinner Party Catering

Host the party and enjoy yourself. We’ll do the cooking!

Walking dinner experience vancouver

Walking Dinners

Treat your guests with this unique service.

Vancouver buffet catering

Buffet Style service

Chef Lekker cooks for you on location. Your event will be a feast!

bbq catering vancouver

BBQ Party Catering

Warm weather is the start of barbeque season. And now you can celebrate that with Chef Lekker

Holiday party catering

Holiday Catering

Christmas, Halloween or your vacation. Hire us to make your holiday even more festive!

backyard party chef

In-home chef service

Multiple day events need to be catered as well. Book us if you are looking for a flexible service.