Our All-inclusive Personal chef Rates

Just like the menus we design, our personal chef rates are very flexible. Pricing depends on the type of serving, how many guests, the complexity of the service and location.

We always send you multiple menu ideas with different price ranges.

Catering pricing structure

When we create menus, we list the price per person including everything.

Included in our personal chef rates are:

  • Us cooking for you and your guests for the duration of the event
  • All serving trays and utensils
  • Set up and clean up of our workspace
  • Tax (GST)
  • And all the delicious food
  • Specialty equipment rentals
  • For up to 60 guests this will also include plates and cutlery.
  • For a party of up to 24 people, we can include charger plates as well


Unfortunately, we do not have glasses in stock. Renting the supplies yourself will avoid extra charges from us, and there will be no logistic difficulties with the breakdown. We recommend organizing rentals yourself. However, we love to assist you with that as well.

Our Catering chef service prices

Buffet catering rates

This service we offer for a wide variety of occasions. The size of the event will determine the actual price range (bigger groups we can offer lower prices per person). We have a list of types of buffet here.

Wedding catering prices

Unlike our competitors we do not charge extra for weddings, that said, we do evaluate it on location and complexity.

Vacation or retreat personal chef rates

With multiple days or multiple meals a day, we will give you a more detailed pricing per meal/person.

Dinner party chef rates

These menu prices depend on ingredients and courses. The seated menu service we offer to groups of up to 24 people.

BBQ catering prices

The barbeque catering rates include the bbq and propane tank if needed. Menu prices depend mainly on ingredients

Walking dinner prices

this is our most popular style of service. It is a unique way of catering with more substantial handheld food items. Walking dinner pricing depends on the size of the menu and ingredients.

Appetizer catering rates

If you are looking for prices for finger food catering like canapes and other hors d’oeuvres. Appetizer menu pricing depends on ingredients, complexity, menu size and party size.

Corporate catering prices

Our pricing for corporate events, business meetings and seminar catering have the same prices as any other event we cater to. We do consider logistics and location a factor in our pricing

Your catering budget

If you are planning an event and you have a limited amount you can spend. Let us know, and we will create menus with your budget in mind.

For a free and non-obligatory quote for your party, You can reach us through our contact form. We do not keep your email on file and only correspond with you regarding your request.

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